Unique First Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

unique first birthday party ideas for girl

First birthdays are the most special ones but having unique first birthday party ideas for girl can be difficult. This is what we are here to help you with. You can have a unique first birthday for your baby girl and have the best memories for her to cherish. Before going deep into the theme scenario, we want to recommend you to film the whole event. A one-year old child will not remember anything from their birthday so it is important that you film the whole event for them so they can watch it when you grow up. In fact, a whole collage of all of their birthday videos can be gifted to them on their 18th birthday, and let us tell you that they will cherish this gift their whole life.

For unique first birthday party ideas for girl, we have a few theme choices for you to choose from. All of these themes are extremely easy to pull off and they are budget-friendly too. by budget-friendly, we don’t mean they are cheap, we mean that their execution can be adjusted according to your budget. You can make any of these themes according to your budget, you can go full-on high class with them and you can get them done within $100 too. so that is all up to you.


BARBIE theme one of the best ideas and it will take less than 2 days to pull off. You just have to get your cake ordered with a tiara theme and get the backdrop also in a tiara kind of theme. Also, there must be a lot of activities planned for the kids so that they don’t get bored and there should be different kinds of interesting snacks arranged so that kids enjoy even the eating process too. Like, make sure that this specific color stands out in every party decorations including the dress and the cake. Make sure there is a silver golden constant with every party decorations and the tiara is of the same color as that constant. Make sure that the dress you get for the birthday girl is a barbie dress. Some people confuse barbie theme with fairy theme but we are here to tell you the difference so you don’t mess up anything. Make sure you get a tiara and a big poufy dress for the birthday girl. You can ask for her favorite or the color she would want most on this birthday and then ass that color to the theme mostly. getting pictures for keeping memories is also very important most people arrange a professional photographer but if you have a camera of your own or even your phone, you will perfectly be able to get all the pictures on your own.


Unicorn theme is the moat convenient theme to pull off because it has all the colors in it. Due to this no specific color theme, arranging a backdrop and other things become convenient as you can have as many colors as you want and nothing will go against the theme. Having a prominent white or cream base in this decoration plays an important role in a unicorn theme and you can never go wrong with anything glittery or shimmery. So, if you are confused about the theme of the 1st birthday party for your girl even to the last moment, go with a unicorn theme and just grab bright colored cups, plates, table cloth, and backdrop and you get a multicolored cake.


Tinker Bell is also the easiest theme to pull off as all you have to with this theme is to dress up your daughter in green and make her wear fairy wings. Most girls have wings already but if your daughter doesn’t, get her a sparkly pair to go with it. The cake can be brown with a forest theme or sparkly gold green too. And when it comes to décor, just make sure you create a jungle illusion with the theme.  In this theme, your main focus should be on the color blue, trees and floral arrangements, and the glitter & sparkly things. For the backdrop, you can either get a golden sequin backdrop or go with trees and branches and a floral setting like it’s a forest.

Balloon Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties are incomplete without colorful balloons. How about planning a unique birthday party focused on one particular color balloons? Well, this idea might sound weird to you but believe me it will surely impress your one-year-old little princess. As we all know that toddlers at this age love to explore and play with colorful objects such as balloons. Moreover; balloons are soft and safe for babies, you can also use LED balloons especially if you are planning for an evening birthday party. For food, you can consider buying some delicious cookies along with milk, we are pretty confident that all the guests especially kids will be impressed with this unique idea.

Rainbow Birthday Party Theme

Rainbow birthday party theme is one of the most worthwhile options for you to consider at the 1st birthday party of your little girl. Rainbow is a name of colors and joy; you can decorate the party lounge with patterned rainbow-colored balloons along with attractive LED lights to add an extra charm to the event. You can also preorder a rainbow-colored cake along with personalized rainbow color lollipops that kids love to enjoy. If you are planning for an outdoor event, then you must arrange the decorations accordingly. You can check out plenty of excellent rainbow-colored decorations on Amazon and don’t forget to preorder them at least a few days before the final event.


Every girl is a princess for her parents, however; if you are planning for a perfect 1st birthday party for your little angel without disappointing her, then you must consider the above-mentioned themes. You can also add a unique spark to these themes by modifying them with outstanding additions of your choice. A 1st birthday party is a very special event as it will give you some great memories for the rest of your life, don’t hesitate to ask for more suggestions in the comments section below.

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