Best Girls Birthday Party Ideas

girls birthday party ideas

Planning a birthday party for a girl is always a complicated task. Therefore, parents skim through different websites for girls’ birthday party ideas. There are several ideas related to the girl’s birthday party, but sometimes the plan does not peruse in person’s mind. However, some of the best birthday party ideas for girls are list below that will help you to choose a theme for the party. Moreover, you will have a complete guide for stuff, gifts, etc.

Here We Describe Best Girls Birthday Party Ideas

The kids, especially girls, expect different things for their birthday. However, it is not easy for the parents to fulfill and arrange a party according to their desire. But still, some better ideas might be according to the desire and interest of your child. There are some useful suggestions for a girl’s birthday party ideas.

Pink Party

Pink is the favorite color of all the girls. Therefore, setting up a pink theme for the party will be a compelling idea. You can decorate the house or birthday party premises with pink ribbons and a balloon. Bring up some pink hats for the guests and other children. You can also dress your girl a beautiful pink dress. The vital thing to ensure is the interest of the kid. This idea is useful if your little princess’s favorite color is pink.

Frozen Party

The frozen movie is the favorite of every child. Elsa and Anna are the characters in the film. However, they are all types of favorite characters of Disney. The theme of the party will be beautiful and attention-seeking. You can decorate the cake and balloons, just like the frozen theme. The birthday party will surely be pleasant and joyful.

Mermaid Party

The girls are interested in mermaids. Therefore, a mermaid-themed birthday party is also a better idea for your child. You can implement this idea by decorating the venue in blue or sea green color. The cakes and cupcakes might contain some shell or mermaid tail design decor. After the frozen themed party, this idea is much worthy of consideration.

Rainbow Party

Multiple colors of the rainbow are an all-time favorite of the girls. Therefore, setting a rainbow theme birthday party might be sufficient for your child. The colorful themed party will be eye-catching for the guests and other children. Hopefully, this party will be the all-time favorite party of your girl.

Fashion Show Party

We all know that girls love fashion, makeup, and dressing. Therefore, this might be a practical idea. If your girl loves to dress well and makeup like models, then this idea will work even better. You can order a customized cake or cupcakes in the shape of a makeup kit, dress, etc. and dress your little princess like a model.

Fairy Party

We must admire girls like fairies as they watched multiple fairies and princess cartoon. In their hope, they want to become a fairy and dress just like them. So, this idea will also work if your girl is interested in fairies and fairy tales. You can decorate the venue of the party with butterflies, fairies, and other fairies related stuff.

Picnic Party

It is one of the best birthday party ideas. You can reserve a picnic spot somewhere out and invite all the guests. Arrange a great party for your girl somewhere along the lakeside. This idea can also be implemented at home by setting up everything as a picnic theme.

Wonder Woman Party

Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero that appears in comic books, movies, and cartoons. It is the favorite of every girl because it shows the real power of a woman. Wonder woman theme party will be an all-time favorite birthday party for your girl.

Pajama Party

Staying up late at night in a nightdress is a favorite thing that girls like to do. If you have decided to arrange a birthday party at night. Then you can invite your princess’s friends for a night pajama party. It will be a joyful party as they can do any they want to.

Bubble Party

Everyone likes to play with bubbles as the bubbles make the whole environment beautiful. It is the best birthday plan for summers. You can set up a bubble theme at your premises by decorating circular transparent balloons, dressing your girl in summer outfit, distributing blow bubbles toys among the children, etc.

Art & Craft Party

If you are thinking about planning a memorable birthday party for your little princess, this arts and craft party will be the most suitable idea for you to try this year. The arrangements are quite simple; you have to buy a couple of paints for it. With these paints, your girl can perform several fun activities with her friends including plaster painting, splat painting, or even jewelry making. Girls are more obsessed with art-related activities. These types of parties are suitable for girls from ages 4 to 13.  However; you need to make sure that you have bought enough stuff to accommodate all the invited participants of this fun-loving activity.

Glitter Party

Glitter birthday party theme is one of the most preferred ways to impress your girl on her special day. It’s a great alternative to face painting which is often quite risky for skin; you can easily find safe and hazard-free glitters from the market. You should always buy bio-glitters for these types of events as they are plant-based and 100% free from plastic. It will be a great and fun activity for your girl; you can also try some plenty of decorations in the form of disco light or dancing with the music.


Parents are often puzzled when it comes to planning a birthday party for girls. Remember, there is a great difference between girls and boys birthday party themes as boys are more interested in adventure-related stuff while girls are always obsessed with colorful and creative activities. You can also cook delicious food at home, including easy-to-cook sandwiches, French fries, or even pizza. However; if you can’t manage it at home, then don’t hesitate to order the food from any trustworthy restaurant. Kids mostly love to eat fast food; you can consider a home delivery option a few minutes before the event.

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