Birthday party ideas for 5 year old daughter

birthday party ideas for 5 year old daughter

If you are looking for birthday party ideas for 5 year old daughter, you have come to the right place. The most important factor to look out for when planning a birthday party for kids is that you must have a bundle of activities planned. It is really important to plan activities for kids. You cannot just plan or two activities. You have to make a plan for the whole day. Kids tend to get bored easily and no one likes to attend a boring birthday party. Following are some birthday party ideas for 5 year old daughter;


A unicorn theme is fun to follow because all the colors on the gradient belong to this theme. This theme is really easy to improvise. The best part about this theme is that all kids love unicorns. There is no kid that can say they don’t like or enjoy unicorn-themed cartoons, songs, clothes, and food. You just have to fill up the living room with bright multi-colors and make sure there is a solid and prominent white base present to handle all of these hues. Decoration of this sort is very easy and you can get hundreds of ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest is a great app to have for such tasks. A unicorn theme also demands a lot of sparkly stuff and if you are feeling creative, make sure to have lots and lots of multi-colored balloons all over the place. Don’t pay much stress to the costume of the birthday girl or boy as it is a rather simple theme to follow. Your main objective here is to make sure the decorations look perfect for the theme. Just arrange for a multi-color tutu skirt for the girl and in case of boys make them wear something white along with a multicolored unicorn horn on their head.


Finally, the easiest and most liked theme for any girl’s birthday party is the princess theme. Every girl likes to be treated like a fairy or a princess. We named it princess theme doesn’t mean it has to be the princess. This can be a fairy theme too. For this, just stick to the colors your princess prefers and make everything into these colors including the cake, decoration, backdrops, and table cloth too. decorations of this sort are also very easy because this theme is really common. You will surely find Pinterest to be helpful in this scenario. Make sure the dress you get is long, and poufy just like a princess’. The most important thing for a princess to seem like a princess is her tiara. If your daughter already has a favorite tiara stored in the cupboard, make sure you make her wear it on her special day and if she doesn’t, then find one that matches her color theme. It would be really nice if the cake has a crown on it too.


It is psychologically proven that toddlers and kids get bored easily. This is because they have a lot of energy. And if they don’t have anything to spend this energy on, they get bored. So, when you do decide on the theme and the food, make sure you decide on the activities or games the kids are going to participate in.  Once the kids get bored, they start to get fussy. This is because they don’t know any other way to express boredom. This is the only way to make sure that the kids are going to have fun at the party and not get bored.


Make a list of all the chores that need to be done before the big day. It is important to make a list so that you don’t forget anything important at the last moment. Also, make a list of all the things that need to be bought for the preparations. Sometimes you have things at home and sometimes you don’t. once you make a list of all the things you need, you should mark the ones you already have. This list should include a cake, birthday dress, decoration items, and food items. After this list, you should create a rough schedule of when you are going to get all this done. Take out the things you already have a set them apart. Then set date for when you are going to buy the things left on the list. Buy them and set them with the previously taken out things. This is called organizing. Get familiar with the concept. You will need to buy the required stuff and then you will have to make use of it all. After this, start inviting people and decorating.

Disco Party

Disco parties are one of the great ways to enhance learning and motor development skills in 5-year-old kids. As we all know that girls at the age of 5 are developing confidence and there will be no better way to let them enhance their confidence level than arranging a disco party on their 5th birthday.

On the event day, you can hire some entertainers, dancers or singers to your venue, your 5-year-old daughter will surely love to enjoy dancing with her best friends. As far as decoration is concerned, you have some cheap and reliable options available such as special effects LED lights, Bubble machine, smoke machine, and a high-quality music system. You can serve the guests with cold drinks and biscuits, or you can also prepare pizza at home that can be served with coke.

Fairy Party

You can plan a memorable fairy party for your daughter by doing some simple and quick arrangements. First of all, you have to arrange the fairy costumes for all the friends of your daughter, you will get a good discount on bulk order or you can also order them online. Try to write down some fairy spells on the chart paper along with beautiful pink balloons; all these activities will add a realistic fairy tale feeling to the event. You can also practice some fairy dancing games before the event and dance together with the guests. A fairy tale birthday party will be a fun and memorable activity that you can plan on an affordable budget.

Wrap Up:

Planning a 5-year-old girl’s birthday party can be a challenging job, but with some simple research and planning, you can throw a great party for your daughter. You should also never hesitate to ask your daughter about her suggestions, nothing more can make a child happy than full filling their dreams.

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