Birthday Ideas for Teen Girls

birthday ideas for teen girls

If you are searching for birthday ideas for teen girls, you have come to the right place. Arranging a good and fun birthday party is difficult. Arranging a birthday party for a teen is even more difficult. Most teens are peculiar and don’t enjoy everything. Also, it is hard to know what teens like. It is difficult to understand their taste. This is why a teen party can be difficult to manage. The first thing that you should do is make the guest list. Ask your teen if they want to celebrate with friends or just the family. Some teens prefer to have two different parties and don’t like mixing family and friends up.

To-Do List

It is important to make a to-do list. This list will help you get through the process smoothly. This list is also helpful if you are forgetful. We all forget important stuff at times. This is why it is important that after deciding on the theme. You must make a to-do list. This list contains different sections. The first section should be the things you need to buy. These things could be food-related or decoration related. These things could also be contacting a service provider. The birthday ideas for teen girls suggest that you must hire a photographer. A photographer can make things look more perfect. After all, photographs are what stays.

Also, making sure that the birthday dress of the teen girl is on point. Every teen is concerned about looking good. Your birthday is your chance to slay and one shouldn’t miss it. Now the most important thing comes and that is the theme. There can be a lot of theme for a birthday party. Following are some great birthday ideas for teen girls;


All teen girls love spas. Having manicures and pedicures is magical. Getting your nails done all pretty feels amazing. It will be very fun to take all the girls out for a spa day where they can get their nails done. They can also get facials if they want. And this can account for a special and relaxing day. If you are short on budget. Just whip out your home facial kit. Take out your manicure and pedicure kits. And make sure you make a lot of snacks for the teens to enjoy. They can all have a good day by themselves even at home too.

The main objective here isn’t a great show. The main objective here is to have fun. The main objective here to make sure the teens have a great day filled with gossip and laughter. It will be very fun to take all the girls out for a spa day where they can get their nails done. They can also get facials if they want. And this can account for a special and relaxing day. If you are short on budget.


It is great to have a pool party in summers. This pool party can be a birthday party too. All teens enjoy poolside festivities. This pool party can also prove to be very economical. If you have a pool in your backyard, it is awesome. But if you don’t, that is okay too. One of your teen’s friends or your friends might have a pool. You can have a party there. You just have to buy some poolside bright colored decorations. You might have to buy pool noodles and some floaties.

Teens love to wear their fashion-forward swimsuits and upload fun Instagram stories. Just make sure that there is a lot of pizza for them to eat. And it is important to get the birthday girl’s approval on the theme first. It might not be as impressive to her as it is to you. Also, do consider the number of people you are inviting. It must be compatible with the pool area. You cannot get a big crowd in a mid-sized pool. That would be a total disaster.


A sleepover for teen girls in heaven. They get all cozy up together and gossip. One thing that can spark up a sleepover is a movie marathon. Most people don’t let their kids have sleepovers. But no one would say no if it is a birthday celebration theme. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at your house. For example, if there are some issues with your teen’s bestie and she cannot come. You can talk to her parents and move the sleepover there. Just don’t be a burden on them and provide for the food as well as sleeping bags if necessary. Just make sure that the girls have a fun night and a refreshing day.

Night Games with Bonfire

If you are planning for a birthday party for your teen in winter, then you must seriously consider this idea. It’s an easy and simple birthday party idea in which you just have to make proper arrangements in your garden for a bonfire along with some on ground sitting arrangements. A delicious and sizzling barbecue will be the most suitable option for the menu; you can also combine it with a tea or cold drink. After dinner, horror stories or games will add great suspense and fun to the party, if Halloween is near, then playing some ghost games will surely make your daughter happy.

Movie Party

Kids at this age love to watch their favorite movies, especially with best friends. Planning a movie party for your teen will never be a bad idea to consider during the upcoming birthday event. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can make a perfect mini-movie theater at home with a movie projector that you can easily find on rent at a very cheap price. You can also choose your backyard space for a memorable movie party, however; if it’s in winter then you can combine it with a bonfire for an extra thrill. Don’t forget to buy enough popcorns or pizza for the guests so that they can enjoy the movie while eating.


Throwing a perfect birthday party for teenage girls might sound challenging to you, however; with some simple and easy arrangements, you can make your girl happy. Remember, as your girl is now grown up, traditional birthday decorations will not make her happy, try to plan something mature because it’s an age of responsibility so don’t let her feel immature on her special day. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments section below if you have recently tried any of these birthday party themes.

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