Birthday Ideas for Girls

birthday ideas for girls

If you are deciding on what to do for your little girl’s birthday, don’t worry, we have got you covered with our Birthday Ideas for Girls. If you are worried about a theme, we have theme suggestions and if you don’t know what to do with the dress, we have got you covered for that too. The main focus of this article is to put you at ease. The most important thing to do before deciding on the theme is to make sure you have a plan.


Make a list of all the chores that need to be done before the big day. Also, make a list of all the things that need to be bought for the preparations. This list should include a cake, birthday dress, decoration items, and food items. After this list, you should create a rough schedule of when you are going to get all this done. First of all, you will need to buy the required stuff and then you will have to make use of it all.

So, make sure you are done with all the shopping at least 3 days before the big day so you can dedicate the rest of your time to decorations and moving things around to see which is the best looking way.

There are several themes that can be used as birthday ideas for girls;


Unicorn theme is the easiest theme to pull off because it has rainbow colors in it. This way arranging a backdrop and other things become convenient as you can have as many colors as you want and as many different food items too. Also, white plays an important role in a unicorn theme and you can never go wrong with anything glittery or shimmery. So, if you are being indecisive even to the last moment, go with a unicorn theme and grab bright colored cups, plates, table cloth and backdrop and you get a multicolored cake. Viola! You are done!


Frozen is the most loved Disney princess of all time and this theme is very easy to follow. Your main focus should be on the color blue, snow and snowflakes, and last but not the least, glitter and a lot of sparkles. Frozen costumes are pretty comm0n in the market and usually come with the blonde wig. For the cake, you can go with a plain aqua cake and stick a snowflake decoration piece on it if you are going for a budget party. For decorations, you can simply buy a sequin table cloth and even a sequin backdrop. You can also get a cheap frozen themed backdrop too without any inconvenience.


Tinker Bell and frozen theme are pretty much similar to each other in terms of popularity and also in terms of carrying out the theme. In this theme, your main focus should be on the color blue, trees and floral arrangements, and the glitter & sparkly things.

A tinker bell dress is pretty much a plain green small dress so if you can’t find the special costume just find a plain green dress and make your daughter wear her pretty ballerina shoes with it. Most girls have wings already but if your daughter doesn’t, get her a sparkly pair to go with it. For the backdrop, you can either get a golden sequin backdrop or go with trees and branches and a floral setting like it’s a forest. The cake can be brown with a forest theme or sparkly gold green too.


Finally, the easiest and most liked theme for any girl’s birthday party is the princess theme. For this, just stick to the colors your princess prefers and make everything into these colors including the cake, decoration, backdrops and table cloth too. Make sure the dress you get is long, and poufy just like a princess’. The most important thing for a princess to seem like a princess is her tiara. If your daughter already has a favorite tiara stored in the cupboard, make sure you make her wear it on her special day and if she doesn’t, then find one that matches her color theme. It would be really nice if the cake has a crown on it too.

The most important factor to look out for when planning a birthday party for kids is that you must have a bundle of activities planned. Kids tend to get bored easily and no one likes to attend a boring birthday party. So, when you do decide on the theme and the food, make sure you decide on the activities or games the kids are going to participate in. This is the only way to make sure that the kids are going to have fun at the party and not get bored.

Farmyard Party

A farmyard party is a great way to make your little angel learn about nature. Farmyard parties are suitable for almost every age group, However; specifically for girls, it will be a wonderful option to consider. If there is any nearby farm in your area, then you can plan the entire event. Your guests will love to interact with friendly animals, you can serve them fresh barbeque or sandwiches with tea.

Jewelry Making Party

Jewelry making workshops are a great way to make your girl happy as girls are more obsessed with jewelry-related items. Let your guests run the jewelry making workshop and allow the other guests to become a buyer for your shop. You can also buy a playdoh from Amazon or any other marketplace; girls usually love to show their creativity with playdoh. As far as the menu is focused, you can serve your guests with fresh baked cookies and milk.

Jumping Castle

Kids have more energy for fun activities like jumping castle. If you are planning for an event full of fun and enjoyment, then you should try inflatables such as jumping castle. Your little girl will love jumping, running, and climbing, there are plenty of reasonable jumping castles available in the market; you can pick the best one according to your size requirements. However; don’t forget to note down the number of attendees first to avoid buying a small-sized castle.


Birthday parties are a great way to collect some beautiful memories for the rest of your life, we are quite sure that your girl will be happy with these above mentioned birthday party themes.  We have tried our utmost to share some of the versatile birthday party themes so that anyone who is reading this article can easily

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