9 year old birthday party ideas girl

9 year old birthday party ideas girl

If you are searching for 9 year old birthday party ideas girl, you have come to the right place. Planning a birthday can be tough especially when it is for a kid. Most kids love to have their favorite show as the theme. Some kids are obsessed with harry potter while others like barbies and Bratz. Every parent knows what their kid is crazy about and they have complete knowledge of it. Some kids like barbies’ dolls and some like a fairytale. And most parents know what their child prefers. Your kids might have a liking for some other fictional character. Just like some kids like to play with trains and cars.


There are many kids who are obsessed with puzzles. In the past, dungeons and dragons used to be a complex game. Only adults used to play it. But know kids of 7 and plus like this game a lot. So, they love it. But this is 2020 and you cannot just think of your child having the mentioned likings. This is the age of internet gaming. Therefore, your child might like an online game or some online cartoon series. You can even go with anime as it is a big hit among kids.

Furthermore, anime series like dragon ball z and Pokemon are very famous among kids. In this same anime genre, your girl might also like soft characters in series like Your lie in April or plastic memories. The thing is that we plan a birthday for our kids to make them realize we love them. And the best way to show your kid that you love them is to show them how you know what they are fond of without them telling it to you. The best way to come up with 9 year old birthday party ideas girl is by paying close attention to what the birthday girl likes and then build the whole party around those things.


Girls and boys love to have a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are really fun to have. Especially when they are promised to lead you to a great winning prize. You can arrange a mall scavenger hunt for the kids or even a house scavenger hunt. A home scavenger hunt can be more fun if you include a certain part of the neighborhood in it. The kids will enjoy it a lot. A scavenger hunt is a series of clues and dares. Each clue leads you to some essential object or the next clue.

And if it is based on dares then each dare leads you to check off things on your list. The team who gets the most things done in the least time wins. In the case of clues, the team who crack s more clues leads to the last winning object or place first. And then that team wins.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Vs. Home Scavenger Hunt

The key thing here is to see what is more convenient for you to handle. A mall scavenger hunt means that the kids could go missing. But it will also be more fun and more time taking. And the basic thing to do at birthday parties is to spend the day having fun. Because kids get bored really quickly. And the pro with home-based scavenger hunt is that you have to comfort of knowing the kids are safe. You don’t have to be too vigilant. But then there aren’t many places to explore at home or in the neighborhood.


All kids love to have a pool party. This theme involves you having a big pool in the backyard. If you don’t have a pool you can ask a friend has one. You can arrange a party there. It is really cheap to arrange a pool party. You don’t have to spend much on decorations. The only things you need are some cute floaties and good food. All kids love pizza so you can have a pizza party. Just make sure the birthday girl is on board with this plan. Most kids love to hang out by the pool with their friends. Just finalize everything at least a week before.

After that, you have to do a very important thing. As it is a pool party, you have to call the parents of each of your daughter’s friends and inform them in advance. You have to inform them in advance. Some parents are really overprotective and sometimes they have other plans. So, it is better to confirm with everyone in advance. Last-minute cancellations and no shows can really ruin the mood of the birthday girl. This will also make sure that whether you need to change the whole theme or not.

Beach Party

If you are planning for an outdoor birthday party for your 9-year-old daughter, a beach party will be one of the best choices that you can make. The arrangements are pretty simple, you have to purchase plenty of Hawaiian flowers and other decorative items, decorate your backyard, and try to give it a realistic look of any beach. You can also give your guests anything that resembles your birthday party theme such as Hawaiian lei. A sizzling barbeque on the menu will surely add some unique spark to the birthday party event of your daughter.

Picnic Party

Picnic parties involve infinite fun and enjoyment, especially during pre-winter sunny weather. You can shop for some nice and decorative picnic baskets from the market, prepare fresh chicken sandwiches, or whatever you love to eat. Put all the food items in the baskets and make sure that there is enough food to accommodate all the guests. You have to find any nearby location for the picnic camp; it can be any nearby forest, lush green fields, or hill station.

Wrap Up:

Girls at the age of nine will love to enjoy a bit grown-up activities; you should avoid choosing any childish or animated birthday party theme as it will be quite boring for her. You can also think and plan some grown-up outdoor activities like picnic parties, beach parties, and many others. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends on social media who are also planning for the birthday party of their kids.

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