8 year old birthday party ideas

8 year old birthday party ideas

If you are looking for 8 year old birthday party ideas, you have come to the right place. Kids like to have fun themes for their parties, so you cannot throw a party with a regular cake and balloons like adults. Coming up with an idea that your kids like and that is easy to pull off is also a very tough job because mostly the theme that is easy to pull off, isn’t something your kid likes. Arranging a birthday for kids can be a tough task the basic reason behind this is that kids get bored easily. It is hard to keep the kids entertained. And the theme your kid wants to have is worth weeks of work.

So, you have to meet your kid halfway in all this and come up with something where everyone wins. Also, if kids get bored, they start to find fun on their own which can result in chaos. Just make sure to have something where the kids don’t get bored, and there are a lot of snacks to enjoy. Also, you might have to get one or more parents on board to make sure they come with the kids and help you keep the situation under control. It is important to have backup activities planned in case something doesn’t work out, and you have to resort to other fun activities.

Following are some 8 year old birthday party ideas for you;


If you have a pool this idea is best for you. If you don’t have a pool but your kid insists on having a pool party just ask a favor from a friend who has one. Pool Party is for summers and it is really easy to pull off. You just have to make sure that you inform every child’s parents about the theme and you are there to invigilate them. Arrange the birthday at their place. This birthday idea is pretty budget-friendly as all you need is some fun floaties and pizzas. Get the cake done and then invite all kids to the pool. They can enjoy themselves.

You can buy inflatable pools and fill them with balloons and pool noodles and all the children can play there as long as they want, they can get a snack time and cake time there. You can even take them to the public pool to have fun. After that, you can have a pizza party for them. Being in the pool and playing will help the kids enjoy. No kids will get bored around a pool. So, there wouldn’t be any weird incidents. All kids will enjoy the pool to their fullest. Everyone can have a good time and you can also get water slides in the backyard where children can slide and make sure every child understands some basic rules before the party starts so that no one gets injured.


This is the most inexpensive and fun way to host a kid’s birthday party. Everything comes with a price, and this too. Thought this idea is cheap to carry out, it requires a lot of effort.  All you have to do is get 2-3 inflatable pools and a lot of balloons. Buying these things won’t be a problem but filling them with air will be. Start preparing almost 3 days before the day and you will be good to go. Just know that you will be working super hard in these whole three days. You have to fill up balloons with water and stack them in the pools. Filling up these balloons is going to be very time-consuming. Also, you might have to arrange a slide too.  

Arranging them is going to be an even bigger problem. The kids can have a water balloon fight and if there are even 2 hoses, the fun can be doubled. Just make sure that every kid understands the ‘no hitting on the face’ rule. You need to make sure that you are ready at least half a day before the birthday. Or there might be some serious injuries regarding the eyes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to make sure that other things are going well. Like looking after the guests or arranging the cake. Or getting into proper attire even. Also, it is important to get 2-3 adults around the kids because many of them are going to slip and fall and it is important to be vigilant around such a play area. This is one of the best birthday party ideas for summertime. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a birthday party to make it fun. You just have to be smart and think like a kid.

Pizza Making Party

Pizza making party can be organized in a kitchen especially if you have enough space otherwise you can choose any other room and make it a temporary kitchen to accommodate all the guests. As we all know that pizza is one of the most favorite items of kids, they will love to make their own pizzas with dough that you have to already arrange in the kitchen. Let the kids make their own pizzas with plenty of decorations and sauces. However; don’t forget to keep a special prize at the end of the event for those who will make the best pizza.

Ice Cream Party

Ice cream parties have become quite popular nowadays especially if your child is a foodie. If you are planning for the best summer birthday party or you don’t have any concerns about letting your child eat ice cream in cold weather, you can plan a perfect ice cream party. An ice cream party is very easy to organize, you have to arrange an ice cream maker machine along with ice-cream cones, and kids will love to enjoy their favorite ice cream flavors with delicious chocolate and colorful toppings. However; if you feel that it’s difficult for you to organize everything at home, you can also call any local ice cream van for a day that you will easily find at a very reasonable rate.


It’s often thought to be difficult when it comes to planning birthday parties for kids. However; there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive birthday party arranging services, you can conveniently arrange everything at home. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we will recommend you order the relevant stuff online from Amazon or any other platform, going outside for shopping will put your entire family at risk.

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