7 Amazing Birthday Ideas For Boys In 2021

birthday ideas for boys

It’s pretty hard to plan a perfect birthday party for boys without knowing about their interests. However; with our awesome birthday ideas for boys, we are quite confident that you can easily plan a memorable birthday for your boy without any disappointments. As we all know, birthday parties are planned in accordance with various themes in which the planning of decoration is done.

There are plenty of budget-friendly themes available that allows you to arrange a great event for your boy without exceeding your budget. Despite having COVID-19 Pandemic, we have compiled a well-researched guide about birthday party ideas so that you can enjoy the memorable occasion of your child without risking anyone’s health.

Best Birthday Party Celebration Ideas For Boys

Here are some of the captivating birthday ideas for boys that will not only impress your charming prince but also your guests.

Music Party

Is your boy obsessed with singing or listening to music? If yes, then congratulations; because you have finally found the right idea for your child. Planning a perfect music party will surely bring charm to your child’s face and it’s more convenient to plan as compared to other birthday themes.

You have to first order some studio related pieces of equipment such as microphones, speakers and plenty of decorations. Now you have to decorate a stage just like a mini-concert for kids to keep everything attractive. In the end, ask your boy about his favorite soundtracks so that a taming spark can be added to the party.

Police Party

We have seen that boys are pretty much obsessed with police officers. So what about a nice birthday celebration with his favorite theme? Well, it will surely impress your little boy to the utmost and there will be no hassles of decorations at all as compared to other birthday themes.

You have to order some police toys online that include toy guns, police uniforms, and handcuffs. Trying a nearby store is also not bad if you have found all the toys in a nearby store. Don’t forget to prepare a bag full of cookies otherwise, the party might look incomplete.

Under Construction Theme

If your little boy loves to play with trucks and sand, then we are quite sure that he will be impressed with a party based on under construction theme. It can be also used as a 1st birthday party theme for baby boy.

There is a variety of under construction sets available on Amazon and eBay that includes all the toys related to construction. You can decorate the entire party room or hall with these construction trucks, tapes, and tools so that your guests can also capture some nice photos.

FIREFIGHTER Birthday Theme

If your boy loves to play with firefighting equipment or whenever he watches a fire engine he loses his mind then planning a firefighter birthday party will surely serve his purpose. In this theme, your child will be exposed to several alluring colors such as red, black and golden along with DIY kits that will give a nice view of a virtual firehouse. You can also order some nice firefighter hats, uniforms, and other relevant equipment online from Amazon that will hardly cost you a few bucks.

Car Racing Theme

What will be better than enjoying the vroom, vroom accelerator sounds as boys love to play with cars? We are pretty sure that your boy will be impressed with this idea of a birthday celebration even if you share it with him right away.

There are multiple car racing sets available online that come with complete gadgets such as T-shirts, Flags, and Traffic lights to decorate the room according to the theme. In this way, your kid will enjoy car racing with his friends while the guests can enjoy it as an audience.

Backyard BBQ Party

If your boy is mature enough to enjoy a yummy barbeque party then you should consider this option on top of your priority list. If you are looking for 7 year old boy birthday party ideas then this might be the right option for you.

BBQ parties are twice more enjoyable for both kids and guests because of the yummy mouth-watering food that is served. When combined with some basic decoration, a bbq party will add a charm to your whole event and along with some photography, it will become one of the most memorable occasions of your life with your boy.

Pizza Feast

Everyone loves to eat pizzas, whether it is a boy or an adult, no one will ever dislike the concept of a pizza party on a memorable event like a birthday. You can make it unique by arranging plenty of pizza dough and ask your guests to make their own pizza. In the end, you can also plan a pizza competition in which prizes can be given to those who will bake the yummiest pizza. Let your boy be the judge in this competition because it’s his day so he should be given some extra attention.

Tips for Making Birthday Celebration Unforgettable

Start Planning Early

We are quite sure that you must be thinking about the birthday celebration of your boy from the past few months. So why not start hunting for party equipment early as it will give you a chance to buy the right things at an affordable cost.

You have to first do some paperwork to note down all those things that are necessary to collect before the event such as clothes, Hats, Decorations, and much more.

Search Online

Prices are always cheap when you hunt online, so why not order all the party things on sales like black Friday or new year?. There are a lot of discounts available on online platforms on several days such as new yearly, cyber money, and Black Friday.

Go For Digital Invitations

In this modern era, using paper invitations will look old and unappealing. So this time, don’t forget to hire a graphic designer for digital banners of invitations that will be sent to every guest online on their WhatsApp or Facebook.

In this way, you will save a lot of money that you were going to waste on paper invitations. We are quite hopeful that you will have no problem onwards after reading our detailed guide about birthday ideas for boys while sending invites to your guests.

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