Best 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

6 year old boy birthday party ideas

Kids always expect a birthday party according to their desire. Mainly the boys expect a new type of birthday party. 6 year old boy birthday party ideas are several, but you have to decide one according to the kid’s interest.

Are you planning to throw a birthday party for your child this summer? Well, there is no need to waste a lot of money because there are some fun 6-year-old boy birthday party ideas that you can try to collect those memories that your kids will look back when they are grown up. You need to be passionate about celebrating your child’s birthday and for that, you have to do some extensive planning.

No need to hire any event planner for your child’s special day, no one can understand the requirements of your child more than you. Parents always know what exactly makes their child happy; after all, your 6-year-old boy deserves some fun and happiness on a special day like a birthday. You need to make sure that your child has spent special time with his close friends before concluding the event. 

Best Birthday Party Themes for 6 Year Old Boys

Here are some of the outstanding birthday party themes that will make your boy feel special.

Minecraft Party

If your child is obsessed with Minecraft, then we are quite sure that nothing else can make him happy on his special day more than Minecraft. You can organize a Minecraft theme based party in which you can set up some nice decorations related to Minecraft, while the invitations will also have some sort of Minecraft images or logos to give a complete touch of Minecraft theme. 

Backyard Camping Party

It will be a great option for those parents who are looking for 6 year old boy birthday party outdoor ideas. Boys at this age love camping especially around their backyard. During this pandemic, planning an outdoor camping party can be quite risky that’s why you should plan something in your backyard without compromising on fun and health. Your child will love to spend quality time with his friends in a tent, while you can also cook some delicious foods or even plan a barbeque to serve the guests. 

Sports Competition Party

Sports parties are often recommended for children above the age of 5 as they are more energetic and active. Having a sports competition with friends will surely make your boy happy on his special day. You can plan some quick race in your backyard and even create different teams for that. At the end of the party, you can announce a special prize for the winning team. For the menu, pizza and coke will be the most suitable option in the menu to consider as it will be quite convenient for you to order pizza from any nearby fast-food chain and interestingly kids like junk food more than anything else. There is no harm in eating junk food occasionally especially when you are planning a sports event that will burn a lot of calories. 

Magic Party

Kids always love to learn magic and explore those illusions that make them feel great. Instead of hiring a magician, you can order some magic tricks-related products online from Amazon or eBay such as cards, sticks, etc.. This will allow your child to enjoy magic tricks with his friends as kids will love to spend their time in laugh and fun with their closed ones. For adult guests, you can serve them tea or drinks so that they can also enjoy the event while kids are busy with their magic tricks. 

Pirate Party

There are some great pirate costumes available on Amazon such as pirate hats that you can pre-order before the event for all your guests. Boys often love to watch movies that are related to pirates as they are action-packed movies that never let you get bored easily. Along with pirate costumes, you can hire a movie projector for your child’s birthday and play their favorite movie such as pirates of the Caribbean that will perfectly match the theme of the party. You can arrange cookies along with drinks for snacks or even popcorn will be a great choice especially during movies.

Art & Craft Party

Arts & Crafts related party is one of the most recommended choices because it involves a lot of creativity that aids your child’s development process. In this way, your boy will love to show his talent along with his best friends as they will be making their creations with fun and enjoyment. These types of indoor activities are safe especially during COVID-19 Pandemic because no parent will ever risk their child’s health in any outdoor event. There are several activity options available for the arts & craft party such as plaster painting, sand art, card making, masks making, and much more.

Games Birthday Party

Boys are concerned with video games and other types of games. Therefore, it might be the best idea for your kid. It is better to arrange a practical game party than a video game party. All the guests will involve and participate in the game. The “Minute to Win It” is a popular game show from NBC. You can conduct some challenges. The challenges are always fun and replicate at home. This idea will help you to make your kid’s birthday memorable.

Safari Birthday Party

Hiring an outside entertainer for your kid’s birthday party is also one of the best birthday ideas. Boys often like to feed and pet animals. Safari party will be a perfect entertainment, development, and joyful idea for all the kids. They will show interest and learn about multiple animals. You can also set the theme of a party as the jungle.

Water Birthday Party

In summer the water birthday party is a perfect choice. Kids, mainly boys, love to play with water guns and water balloons. Getting wet in the hot summer is the greatest satisfaction and joy that every child desires and seeks. Bring up all the water play equipment like a shower, water guns, balloons, etc. You can help them to fill water inside the balloons.

Movie Birthday Party

If you have a night plan for the birthday party, then a movie is a perfect idea. You can set up a projector outside or inside the house and play a comedy or kid’s drama. The experience of a theatre will be the favorite of everyone. The party will be memorable; it will make your child and the guests happy.

Lego Birthday Party

Legos are the favorite toy of a six years old boy. Therefore, this idea will be the best for your child. You can set up the theme of the party in Lego style. Bake and decorate a Lego cake. The kids can play and construct something with Legos after dinner.

Superheroes Birthday Party

The kids often watch cartoons are get inspired by many cartoon characters. They always pretend to be one of their favorite superhero characters. It will be fun to set up the theme of the party, according to your kid superhero. Every kid in the party can wear the costumes of their favorite superheroes like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc.

Despicable Me Birthday Party

Minion’s characters are the favorite of every kid, even the adults. These cute little cartoon characters seem to be funny. Boys love to play with minion toys. Therefore, you can set up the whole party theme as minions. You can bake minion’s cake and cupcakes, blow and decorate minion balloons, and bring up some minion toys for the kid’s entertainment.

Bonfire and Camping Birthday Party

Boys like a camping environment. They love to listen to stories inside the tent, sit along with the fire, and eat some BBQ meat. Therefore, it is an all-time favorite birthday party idea for a six-year-old boy. It is the best idea to celebrate a birthday with the guest around a bonfire. You can even set up blankets for stargazing and organize a nature scavenger hunt.

These ideas are the best, but one has to consider the interest of his/her child too. We hope that one of the ideas might be useful for the arrangement of a memorable birthday party for your kid.

DIY Water Park Party

Even if there isn’t any nearby theme park in your local area, still you can organize a great water park party for your 6-year-old without doing any hassles. You can easily find tons of portable plastic swimming pools with slides from the market, they are mainly inflatables. Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on expensive theme park reservations, you can buy plenty of inflatable swimming pools that are available at a very affordable price tag of less than 20$.  However; if you have enough space in the backyard, you can even rent water slides for less than 100$ for a few hours. We are quite confident that it will ensure infinite fun and enjoyment for the kids.

BoneFire Party

A Bonfire party and winter are one of the best combinations that will never disappoint your children on their special day. If there is extra space in your backyard or any nearby outdoor location which is probably safe, organizing a bonfire with camp, sleeping mats, and blanket will be one of the most memorable events of your life. You should also note down some horror stories on the paper or purchase any storybook from Amazon; it will surely make you curious and happy.

Things to Remember

There are plenty of rules that you should also follow before finalizing anything for your child’s birthday. We have found these useful tips after our in-depth research and discussion with parents who have organized great parties for their kids recently. In this way, you can avoid making those mistakes that can cause some sort of inconvenience for you at your child’s birthday party.

  • Note down guests’ names on paper before sending invitations.
  • Use online platforms for shopping such as Amazon or eBay.
  • Always plan your budget first before deciding any theme.
  • Ask your child about suggestions and appreciate his feedback.
  • Make early reservations especially if you are planning the event in a party lounge, theme park, or restaurant.
  • Decide the menu according to your child’s wish, and choose different menu items for adult guests.


It’s never a bad idea to search on the internet while looking for 6-year-old boy birthday party places because the internet is crowded with amazing ideas that you can also try without compromising on your budget. Remember, kids at this age demand attention and time from their parents especially on their birthday. Now it’s your turn to plan something extraordinary without disappointing your child’s expectations.

We will also recommend you to start preparing early so that you can arrange everything in time as birthday party decorations are often time taking. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below especially if you have successfully organized the birthday party of your child.

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