6 year old birthday party ideas in 2021

6 year old birthday party ideas

Are you skimming around to find 6 year old birthday party ideas? You might believe that birthdays are the most important event or occasion that every child wishes. The children wait a whole year for their next birthday event. The excitement of the birthday parties is because of the gifts distribution, games, birthday cakes, birthday songs, and other activities. Such activities enhance the joy of birthdays i.e. the reason behind the enthusiasm of the children. The children desire for never-ending birthday parties. The visit and participation of family and friends make the party memorable. The most exciting and yet most complicated task is preparing and deciding a theme for your child’s birthday. You cannot use the same theme and repeat a similar idea every year. Therefore, the 6 year old birthday party ideas might help you to choose a perfect theme for your child’s birthday.

If the party is for your six-year-old child’s birthday. Then you first know about the interest of your child. You have to set up a theme according to his/her desire. Mostly the children are interested in teddy bears, story tale characters, cartoon or comic characters, candies, craft, games, etc. However, you can try and work for one of the ideas. The most important thing that should be taken into consideration is your budget, whether the arrangement of such a party is under your budget or not. The following are the best six year old birthday ideas.

10 Best Birthday Ideas for Your Six Year Old Kid

The essential things to decide before arranging birthday parties are the time (day or night), venue (indoor or outdoor), and the crowd (amount of guests). After you decided this, then you go for a theme.

Camping Birthday Party

Camping is a great thing that children love to do. It is one of the cheap but the most joyful birthday party your kid will. You have to arrange some tents for a guest sleepover, BBQ equipment, some woods for setting up the fire, and games for the children. This theme and idea eventually work the best; however, lousy weather can be the biggest con of this idea.

Costume Party

Superheroes have a virtual existence, but they will be forever. The superhero characters have made over childhood incredible than ever. It is what every child desire and wishes to be. Therefore, the costume birthday party of superheroes is also a better idea for six years old kid’s birthday.

Trampoline Party

Trampoline Park is the favorite place for the children. This is one of the best places to host a birthday party. The children love to play and wiggle out on the trampoline. It is not a cost-effective idea; however, Trampoline Park comprises a lot of space for the guests.

Baking Party

Mostly, the six years old girls like to bake or cook something. Therefore, they might not be able to bake something. But you can help them to involve in some tasks like decorating the cupcakes or cake, cutting the cookies into various shapes, etc. It is another best idea for your child.

LEGO Party

Legos are the best toy pieces that children are mainly attracted to. This party should include several Legos to enable the children to develop something with it.

Movie Night Party

If you are planning to arrange the birthday party at night, then movies are the best plan. Things to arrange for such kind of party are the projector, popcorn, blankets, etc. The birthday party will memorable for your kid and also the guests. You can play a comedy or a kid’s movie.

Late Overs Party

Kids love to stay awake at night. But most of the parents do not allow the late overs. However, if the birthday party is at night, then you can arrange a late over party for the kids. The children will be able to play games and dance on occasion.

Minions Themed Party

Minions are one of the most famous characters from the movie the rise of Gru. The cute little characters are lovable by the children. Mostly, the children demand the toys of minions. However, hosting a minion themed party will be a party idea of your six years old kid. You can decorate the room with minion toys and stickers, bake or order a minion cake, and also buy a minion costume for the children.

Balloon Bursting

Bursting balloons is the favorite and joyful activity of the children. They love to burst a balloon. You can decorate the whole room with balloons and allow the children to burst the balloons after the dinner and cake cutting event.

Color Party

It is one of the best birthday party idea for your six years old kid. Ditch out the new and clean clothes and let them wear old clothes, cover up the important stuff, and bring paints and squirts guns. It will be one of the most joyful and memorable parties. The children love to play with colors, draw something on the wall, their faces, and hands. Provide them their full freedom to play and enjoy with colors.

Cake Decorating Party

Even though the cake decorating party might feel outdated or traditional, however; you can organize it with plenty of appealing decorations and other relevant stuff to make it attractive. You need to just set up multiple tables and place cake decorating stuff on it such as candy, fruit, icing, toppings, and sprinkles. Now you have to give one cake, cookie, or pancake to every kid, and ask them to decorate it by using their own creativity. All the invited kids will love this activity to decorate their respective cakes, once everyone is done with it, you have to place all the cakes in a separate place. You can also announce any special prize for the winners who will decorate the best cake, and then eat all the cakes together and have fun.

Carnival Party

A carnival party is another great option to try on the 6th birthday party of your child. You have to set up multiple booths similar to any outdoor carnival; you can use the plane cardboard pieces with colorful charts to create the booths. At each booth, set up a unique game with a special prize for the winners. It might cost you a bit more than other birthday party themes, but we are very confident that it will be the most unforgettable birthday party for your child that you will also never forget.


There is no need to bombard your mind with unnecessary worries, just do your best while planning for a birthday party of your child. Remember, you should also avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on useless decorations; they play a very less role in making the birthday party event successful. Just pick any favorite activity of your child and plan something related to it.

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