6 Creative 11 year old girl birthday party ideas To Consider This Year

Parents are often seen puzzled while searching for 11 year old girl birthday party ideas as there are a lot of options available. Birthday party celebrations are quite versatile as everyone has different priorities and interests.

However; at 11, your child is in a magic age in between teenage and childhood. So it becomes difficult to choose the most appropriate birthday party theme and ideas at this age. But there is no need to worry as you can easily plan a memorable party for your 11-year-old girl with some of the most stunning ideas that we are going to discuss today.

We are writing this piece of the article after attending a bunch of birthday parties of 11-year-old girls; we have compiled some of the great ideas that we have in our mind so that you can also make your event memorable.

Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

These are the following best ideas that will not only make your event memorable but it will also make your little girl feel that she is not a little girl anymore as she deserves something mature this time.

Spa Party

Spray Party is one of the great choices for pre-teen girls as it involves a lot of fun and joy. The first part will be to send the invitations where you can conveniently print the relevant party information such as address and other requirements. You can also ask your guests to bring some special costumes or anything that you want them to wear on your child’s special occasion. 

For a perfect decoration, you can set some candles along with colorful lights to make a captivating environment for the event. You can also create some unique spa stations by setting up several tables with chairs.


For kids, movies play a vital role especially if you desperately want to impress your 11-year-old little angel. Try to avoid animated movies as it’s a pre-teenage and your focus should be to make your girl feel a bit mature. Once the movie is decided, you can arrange some special costumes for your guests according to the theme of the movie that you have decided on the event.

Wardrobe Competition

If you are planning birthday themes for an 11-year-old girl then planning a wardrobe competition will be the most perfect option that you will never regret to consider. As we all know, girls at this age are very excited about their dressing.

You can arrange a nice wardrobe competition where your girl will get the opportunity to showcase her talent by competing with her friends. A small price for a winner will surely add a charm to your whole event but make sure that you have selected a worthy gift to reward the efforts of little participant.

Candy Game

Candy Games are one of the most significant or you can say important themes to consider while planning a party for 11-year-old girls. It will never fail to impress the kids as there are plenty of choices available. You can write some random song names on the candies and hang them with a string from the ceiling, then ask the guests to hold their favorite one while singing the song mention on the candy. In this way, only those participants can eat as many candies as they want by singing the songs accordingly. It will cheer up the environment with sweet voices and melodies.

Dance Party

Fun Dace party for kids will add a unique charm to the event and fortunately, it’s one of the most convenient options to consider. Your guests can also enjoy while showing their dancing skills, the best option would be to set up some random dancing spots where you can spray colors and glitters on the guests who are dancing on these spots. Music will play the most crucial role in making your dance party memorable, if you are running out of tracks, then don’t worry because Sound Cloud is always there for your help.

Outdoor Party

Are you looking for some fun places to have a birthday party for 11-year olds? Well, you have finally found the right place for it. You can try something unique this time instead of booking any hotel or party hall which is often boring. What about planning a one-day trip party on a nearby hill station or any other beautiful place in your area?

Outdoor parties are twice more memorable than indoor parties so you can choose a water park, hill station, restaurant, or even a local amusement park for planning a party for your girl. The outdoor party will be much more inexpensive and enjoyable because everyone is looking for a change of environment on special occasions like these.

Best Place to Buy Accessories?

Whether it’s an indoor spa party or even a dance party, you will need accessories to decorate the venue according to the theme you have decided. Shopping from local stores for accessories will be quite difficult and time taking; you can try some online platforms for ordering the relevant accessories as online shopping is much cheaper and convenient in a short notice of time. Here are some of the best online platforms in this regard.

  • Amazon.
  • eBay
  • Walmart.
  • Kroger
  • Shop Rite.


We hope you must have decided a theme after reading our detailed guide about 11-year-old girl birthday party ideas. We have tried our best to provide you with all the relevant information full of fun ideas that you were looking for. Remember, at the age of eleven, your kid is in a transformation stage as it’s an early pre-teen age that demands attention.

Instead of deciding a childish theme for your 11-year-old girl, you have to decide something on a mature side this time otherwise you may disappoint her. To make it an unforgettable event, which only comes once in a year, you should always appreciate the suggestions of your girl while planning the event; after all, it’s her day so the ultimate decision making should be done with her will.

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