5 year old Birthday Party Ideas

5 year old birthday party ideas

Planning a birthday party can be a hectic task and it needs a lot of in-advance planning so the whole preparation process can go smoothly. We are here to present you with 5 year old Birthday party ideas. The most important thing before deciding a theme is to make sure what is the birthday boy or girl is obsessed with these days so that you can have a better idea of what the theme is going to be. Make sure you make a list of errands you need to run for the birthday and get done with all the at least 2 days before the event so the remaining two days can be dedicated to decorations and other things.

Following is a list of 5 year old birthday party ideas you can have;

Pool Party

Pool Party is for summers and it is really easy to pull off. You just have to make sure that you inform every child’s parents about the theme and you are there to invigilate them. You can buy inflatable pools and fill them with balloons and pool noodles and all the children can play there as long as they want, they can get a snack time and cake time there. Everyone can have a good time and you can also get water slides in the backyard where children can slide and make sure every child understands some basic rules before the party starts so that no one gets injured.

Train Party

Every kid loves trains and having a train-themed party is the best. You can train tracks all over the backyard and everyone can have a train assembling team and they can also compete. There can be a movie time where you can find small interesting train-related clips on the internet and the kids can watch them and enjoy it. There can be other activities planned too, like a train-related rhyme where all children can practice and perform. Just make sure to have a lot of snacks and activities planned so the kids don’t get bored.

Royal Party

A royal party can be a princess or prince themed party according to your situation. The girl can wear a big poufy dress while the boy can wear pantsuits with robes and a crown. Just make sure the seat of the birthday boy or girl is designed as a throne and everything is golden and vintage in the sense that it makes your house look like a castle. The cake can have a crown theme too. the kids can play to the role of the common people and you can arrange the dinner table as some sort of royal feast table.

Unicorn party

The unicorn theme is mainly about rainbow colors with a visible base of white in the theme. For this theme, you can get things for the décor in many different vibrant colors. Make sure you use all the colors from the basic palette otherwise the look won’t form. It is important to get different ideas and display them accordingly and make sure you make use of unicorn’s horn in the most visible decorations. The birthday girl can wear anything from a dress to a tutu skirt in multi-colors. A tutu skirt in multi-colors along with a plain white tee and a unicorn horn headband will be one of the best options to go with.

Favorite Color

This idea is the most convenient idea to pull off. You just have to get everything in the favorite color of the birthday girl or boy. From the birthday dress to the plates in which kids will eat food and cake, everything must be of the color. You can get a backdrop for the party. The backdrop can be of plain silk or it can be of sequin. Sequins will really add that glittery to the whole decoration as girls love sparkly things. So, it is better if you get a sequin backdrop and some balloons of the birthday girl or boy name’s initials and happy birthday letters too. It is better to add in silver or golden to the theme otherwise the color can become overwhelming and even ugly really quick. Silver will add a touch of sophistication while golden will give a regal feel. So that can also be decided by the choice of the birthday girl. You can order a pink cake and mini cupcakes in different shades of pink.

Spa Party

Spa Party is a very convenient option for toddlers, you have to invite all the guests by sending them a special invitation letter. Ask all the guests to wear pajamas while coming to the party, and then apply face masks, cucumbers on their faces to give a realistic look of a spa. Don’t forget to serve fresh juices with lemon to all the guests; it will give them a positive feeling of freshness. However; you should check spa related staff on Amazon first before planning for the final event, it will give you a complete overview of everything to make the event of your child memorable.

Sleepover Party

How about inviting the little fellows of your child for an overnight stay full of fun and excitement? Well, it will be a great idea to celebrate the special day of your child throughout the night with his/her best friends. You have to decide anything between popcorn, pizza, cold drink, or even biscuits for the food items. You can also play any favorite animated movie or tell them horror stories. However; don’t forget to first ask permission from the parents of the kids, make sure that they are also comfortable with it otherwise you can skip this theme.

Wrap Up:

We have done our extensive research before finalizing these birthday party themes, however; if you are still not satisfied, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. We will discuss some more interesting birthday party ideas with you or suggest something unique according to your child’s interest.

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