14 year old Birthday Party Ideas at Home

14 year old birthday party ideas at home

If you are looking for 14 year old birthday party ideas at home, you have come to the right place. It is very hard to arrange any type of party or get to gather for teenagers. This is because we do not relate to that generation at all. their likes and dislikes are confusing to us and they are also at a very sensitive age. Teenagers like to party on their own without any adult watching over them. So first of all, make sure that your teenager wants to have a party. Most likely he would like to have two different set ups.

One with the family and one with friends. No matter what kind of party it is going to be. The main objective here is to make your teenage son/daughter realize that you love them. Make them feel loved and they will love you back. This is what the whole day is all about. Telling the person that their existence matters and you are happy to have another year of life with them. So we cam up with few themes, tips and suggestions for you in terms of 14 year old birthday party ideas at home. Make sure you read them all and let us know about your views in the comment section below.


It is important that you do this the organized way or things can get messy. When we just don’t pay attention to detail, we can make a lot of mess out of situations. First of all, when the theme is decided, you need to make a list of things needed to follow this theme. A list of things needed to make sure that all birthday related scenarios can be carried out perfectly. Remember, this list includes cake, decoration items, clothes, photography, snacks, invitations.

There is a chance that you will have some of the needed things at home already. Make sure to take all of those things out, set them up on a counter. And cut those things off the list. Then you have to go and shop for the rest of the items from the list. Chances are that there will be a lot of items that need to be bought. We recommend you to go for places like Walmart or Costco where you can get stuff much cheaper. If not, then you might end with a pricey birthday.


It is important that you make a schedule for the preparations and stick to it. Once the list is finalized, you need to make sure that you make a schedule. This schedule will include the birthday date and timings. According to this date you will set up rest of the schedule. You will set up the day to buy the needed things, day to book services you might need for the birthday. Ike you might need a photographer. Photographers are very important for every event. So, it is recommended to hire one and make as many fun memories as you can.

The most important thing her e is that you stick to the schedule. Buy things on time and start decorating on time. It is also important that you check in with all the guests at least a week before the birthday. So that everybody knows they are coming to your place and you will also know how much food you have to arrange. It will also help you in making seating arrangements perfect.


A movie marathon is a great idea to have a birthday at home. You can invite al your friends and you all an decide over movies you want to watch. This can be done at day and even at night. All kids love to have sleep overs. You can arrange for a sleepover where all kids will get together and watch back to back movies. The things can start off by cake. Then it can turn into a binge room and every one can watch whatever they like. Just make sure to have a comfy seating arrangement if it is in day time. And if it is in night time, have a comfy sleeping arrangement for everyone.  


A scavenger hunt at home can be really fun. Just go on the internet or use your creativity. Use it to create a series of clues that can be followed to reach a treasure. The treasure can be the winning prize. Make sure to set the prize as something all the kids would be motivated to get. Divide the kids in a team and announce that the one who reaches the treasure first, wins it. Make sure to have really creative hiding places for the clues or it will be very boring for the kids.

Video Game Party

Planning for a video game party for 14-year-olds is quite an easy task, Moreover; kids at this age also love to play their favorite action-adventure video games with their best friends. During COVID-19 Pandemic, outdoor events are quite risky as infection can outbreak anytime that’s why you should try safe and fun indoor party events like video game parties. There are plenty of options available when it comes to a perfect video game party, you can buy PlayStation with a big mini cinema size screen, even if you cannot afford it right away, you can also rent a PlayStation for one day at a very affordable price. We hope your 14-year-old kid will be impressed with this excellent idea on his/her special day.

Laser Tag Party

Laser tag parties are full of endless fun and adventure, moreover; it’s also less painful as compared to a paintball party, and most of the time it’s 100% safe.  Kids at this age are very energetic, instead of planning for a traditional birthday party with unnecessary decorations; you should plan a laser tag party that will be a 100% safe indoor activity during Lockdown. You can contact authentic laser tag companies for a convenient and complete home-based party setup. Some yummy food items such as freshly baked cookies, pizza, or delicious sandwiches will add a unique charm and joy to your event.


We hope you are impressed with our list of 14-year-old birthday party ideas at home. We have specifically written this detailed article according to the current circumstances due to the Coronavirus, all these indoor activities can be easily managed at home without risking the health of your kid and guests. Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to capture the gold memories of your child that will remain with you and your child for the rest of your life. We wish you all the best.

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