13 year old birthday party ideas at home

13 year old birthday party ideas at home

There’s not a more important birthday than a 13th. We are here with some 13 year old birthday party ideas at home. It’s the day most kids mark as the entrance to teenage and all the excitement that comes with it. Teenagers are emotionally fragile and if you don’t make their 13th birthday special, it always leaves a long-lasting mark. It is important to account for your teenager’s likes and dislikes before arranging a birthday party for them.


Make a list of things that need to get done and then make a time schedule to which you will abide by when getting all these things done. Otherwise, the whole process can be tiring, hectic and turn out to be a big mess. The first thing you need to do is to decide on a theme and after that, you need to make the list of things you need to buy and set up for the birthday. After making this list you can start working on the preparations.

The biggest mistake parents make these days is that they just assume that the kid wants a big party with all of his friends invited. That is not what every kid wants. Make sure they celebrate the major life event right by planning the perfect birthday party. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 13 year old birthday party ideas at home below.

Movie Marathon

Most teenagers are crazy about one movie franchise or another. It is difficult to think of activities or games that teenagers can indulge in because of their tricky age. It becomes hard to decide what the kids are going to do after the cake cutting ceremony. This is why a movie marathon is the best idea. You can arrange a sleepover for all of the kids. Make sure you arrange it on a weekend night. And then make a cozy space for all of the kids and set up a good movie for them. They can have a Harry Potter marathon or Lords of the rings marathon, Avengers marathon and even a Disney marathon. Just make sure the movie you select will be enjoyed by everyone. Also, as a sleepover is a big deal it is important to check in with all of the parents in advance before you start to make arrangements for the birthday. So, if there is a bump in the road you can change plans. Also, if a weekend cannot be arranged then it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sleepover. A movie marathon can be arranged at day time too.

Beach Day

A beach is the perfect summer birthday idea to go for. All of your friends can be invited to the beach or you can invite them all to your house. After the cake, all of them can carpool together to the beach. It is exciting for teenagers to wear their swimsuits and enjoy swimming at the beach and playing with frisbees. Just like the sleepover, this is also a big deal so it is important that you check in with all of the parents beforehand and if there is an issue with someone coming you can make arrangements for them or change the plan if you have to. Before planning for a beach day, make sure that you check in with the weather forecast because there is no point in going to the beach on a rainy day. So, if there are such risk factors involved, please move on to our third and last foolproof birthday idea. Before that, a beach day is super fun to have as a birthday and it will be remembered by not only your kid but also by all of his/her friends because beach days of teenage life are the best.

Theme Park

A theme park is a place that is enjoyed by kids, teenagers and adults alike. There is no age group on this planet that can deny the fun they can have at a theme park. A theme park is the best place to spend your teen entrance birthday at. You can book a weekend day with all of the parents or if you are on a budget, book a weekday where everyone can gather at your place after school and then leave for the park. As tickets are more expensive on a weekend, going on weekdays is smart. After going there, it isn’t necessary that the kids take all of the rides. Even if you manage to get them 2-3 rides, the day will be well spent and then to compensate for the budget, you can take everyone for a simple pizza.

Camping Party

You may be wondering how come a camping party has to do with home based event. Well, you can also throw a great camping party for your teen at your home by setting up a camp in a garden or backyard. You will have to buy a large tent that can easily accommodate all your guests or you can also set up multiple tents and join them together. Ask your guests to bring nightdresses, sleeping bags, and pillows to spend a night at your house full of fun and enjoyment. You can serve your guests with some delicious snacks for night cravings; it could be pizza, biscuits, popcorn, or anything you can conveniently arrange for all guests.


It might sound weird to you but you should always ask your teen first before planning a birthday party. You should ask your kid about suggestions including favorite food items, themes and inquire more about guests who they want to invite, etc… It will become a lot easier for you to select any of the above mentioned 13-year-old birthday party ideas at home after talking to your child.  Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us especially if you have ever planned a successful birthday event for your teenager.

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