12 year old Birthday Party Ideas

12 year old birthday party ideas

Planning a birthday party can get hectic, especially if it is for a kid. 12 year old birthday party ideas are something every parent struggles with. Kids like to have fun themes for their parties, so you cannot throw a party with a regular cake and balloons like adults. Coming up with an idea that your kids like and that is easy to pull off is also a very tough job because mostly the theme that is easy to pull off, isn’t something your kid likes. And the theme your kid wants to have is worth weeks of work. So, you have to meet your kid halfway in all this and come up with something where everyone wins. Just make sure to have something where the kids don’t get bored, and there are a lot of snacks to enjoy. Also, it is important to have backup activities planned in case something doesn’t work out, and you have to resort to other fun activities.

There are a few birthday party ideas that are easy to pull off for a 12-year-old;


This is one of the best 12 year old birthday party ideas as you can arrange a slumber party for your kid’s friends, they can all have a sleepover and enjoy a night of movie marathon. Make sure you arrange this party on a weekend so the kids can sleep the next day peacefully. There can be a lot of movie options to choose from. You can have a ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon or a ‘Harry Potter’ marathon. It can be interesting if you take everyone’s opinion, write them on pieces of paper and then ask the birthday boy/ girl to pick one up. Make sure you arrange a lot of tasty snacks and make comfy everyone’s bed comfortable. This way, your kid can have an unforgettable experience of his life. The cake cutting ceremony can be done at the beginning of the slumber or even the next morning at the breakfast table with everyone. A movie marathon party doesn’t have to be at night; it can be a daytime shenanigan too. Just make sure everyone will enjoy the movies you choose, and there are lots of snacks prepared. Also, be sure to have a backup activity planned in case the kids get tired after a movie or two and want to do something else.


Another exciting way to celebrate a birthday party is by letting your kid have a camping night with his friends or have a family camping trip. A camping trip can make your bonds really stronger, and the kids can have a horror story contest where one tells the most frightening story wins. You can pick all his/her friends up and set camp in a big park at night. You can teach them how to set a camp, you also have to arrange a bonfire where they can sit around and chat. Make sure you make them feel how interesting camping is, by cooking outside, telling stories, and eating marshmallows. There is not really a need of having a cake at a camping trip but if your kid insists, make sure you do it before going or after coming back. Doing it before leaving is better because everyone will be very tired after coming back and this can ruin the moment. Camping can be really exciting if it’s the winter and the kids are asked to collect tree branches and everyone tries to fire up the branches with the help of stones. 


This is the most loved party type by girls. You can take your birthday girl and her friends to the mall where they can enjoy themselves. You can have the cake at the food court where they all can order what they like and have the cake too. Then you can go for a movie to watch with all of them and this way the whole day can be spent nicely. You can also give goodie bags to each kid at the end of the day so they remember this day as the day they got something too. A mall is a big place so they can have a lot of walking and chatting there. If your budget is higher you can let them buy one small thing or toy of their choice. A mall madness party can also involve a scavenger hunt. You can prepare a list of fun things to do like taking a selfie with the cashier. And the team that gets most things done can win the prize. The price could be anything, it could be a tiara or even a beauty product like an eyeshade kit or a lipstick set so that the teams are really enthusiastic to win.

Board Games

Kids at the age of 12 love to play indoor games with their best friends such as board games. You can plan a memorable birthday event for your child by arranging a perfect board games party in which you have to make relevant arrangements for board games. First of all, you should keep the total number of guests in your mind and then take appropriate steps that can accommodate both kids and adults to play together and enjoy. During COVID-19 Pandemic, parents are now encouraging indoor birthday parties to keep their children and everyone else safe, we are quite confident that your child will be happy with this unique idea of yours.

Painting Party

Painting and coloring are the most enjoyable activities by kids especially among girls. You can try to plan a painting party in which your child with his/her friends will make some appealing paintings. You can also hold a competition during the party in which a special prize will be given to those kids with more beautiful and creative paintings. However; you have to preorder plenty of water paints with brushes and blank papers at least 2 3 days before the event. Make sure that you have made the arrangements to accommodate all the guests otherwise incomplete painting stuff will ruin the entire event.


We hope these 12-year-old birthday party ideas will help you with arranging the most perfect and memorable event for your child. We have compiled these birthday party ideas with our in-depth research, However; you can also request more ideas or even ask us any relevant questions in the comments section below.

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