12 year old Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl

12 year old birthday party ideas for a girl

If you are looking for 12 year old birthday party ideas for a girl, you have come to the right place! The 12th birthday is special because they are the gateway to teenagers. Kissing the adolescence goodbye and making sure you are prepared for the challenges teenagers to bring you. If you are planning for a 12th birthday party for your daughter or sister or friend, this is the right place to be. If you are worried about deciding on a theme, we have a variety of suggestions for you and if you don’t know what to do with the dress, we have got you covered for that too. The main focus of this article is to put you at ease.

The following are some of our favorite ideas for the 12th birthday party!  All of these are fun and unique birthday themes, party games, activities and fun ideas just for twelve-year-olds. Perfect for tweens and preteens, boys and girls.  See our tween party ideas for more fun ideas for ages 10, 11 and 12 year olds. Make sure you read through all of these 12 year old birthday party ideas for a girl;


Girls in their tweens love to play spa and pamper themselves in the best way they know. How fun and exciting would it be for them if you take your daughter and her friends to a real spa. A whole day of manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling at a spa. A relaxed environment where they can talk and read magazines while they get their nails done. You can also arrange such a day at home by taking out your facial and mani-pedi kits. You will just have to get 2-3 more moms on board to help the girls and you have yourself an amazing spa day planned for the girls.

After the spa day, you can take them all out for pizza or you can just order it at home. Just make sure that even if your girl isn’t fond of cakes, there must be one. To make it feel like a birthday party. Also, as we always recommend, don’t forget to make sure that you take lots and lots of pictures for the day.


All kids love arts and crafts. Having a birthday party theme dedicated to arts and crafts is an amazing idea. Art is therapeutic not just for adults but for kids too. if you arrange a painting canvas some paints, different crafting supplies and just let the kids express themselves, it would be great for their mental development.

Girls love to make necklaces and bracelets out of beads and that is also a part of crafts. You can provide them with strings and beads. These days glittery and shiny phone covers are really famous so you can get the supplies to decorate their phone covers. This will really make for a really well spent birthday and everyone will remember this day for years to come. Just make sure that there a lot of snacks ready for the girls to enjoy and you have 2-3 movies available as a backup plan if they get done quickly or get bored. You can just get a Disney plus subscription too for this day or just for general use.


This is our most favorite day to spend birthdays. Just take all the kids to the animal shelter where they can spend a day with animals and play with them. All kids love to go to pet shops and animal shelters to play with cats and dogs. If you feel like it is the right time, you can even get your girl the animal she has been getting along with most well. This way the perfect birthday can come to an end with the perfect gift. Just make sure no kid invited has any sort of allergies. After this take them all our for a pizza and drinks.

Firstly, you have to decide how are you going to spend the birthday, with just family or with friends too. If it is friends too then the theme should be something that all the kids enjoy too. There must be a lot of snacks and activities for the kids so they don’t get bored and kids do tend to get bored pretty quickly. So, if you do one of these birthdays, it will be easier for the kids to enjoy. Because in a situation where kids come to your place and cut the cake, the kids will start to get bored and they will eventually be taken home by their parents because they will get irritating.

The Wardrobe Competition Party

Colorful and appealing dressing is one of the most popular hobbies among girls. If you are planning for a memorable birthday party event for your 12-year-old little princess, a dedicated wardrobe competition on a special day like a birthday will surely bring a smile to your girl’s face. First of all, you need to send invitations to all the guests and ask them to choose their best dress at the birthday party as there will be a wardrobe competition. We are pretty confident that the majority of the guests will be your child’s age mates and friends. At the end of the event, you can arrange a prize for the one particular guest wearing the best wardrobe.

Pizza, Popcorn + Movie Party

How about planning something different this time? Well, the awesome combination of pizza, popcorn, and a movie will surely make your little angel happy. You just have to organize a dedicated place or room for the kids, and then arrange a movie projector for one day that you can easily find on rent. Order some sizzling fresh pizza and serve it to the kids with popcorns. Kids will love to enjoy pizza and popcorns while watching any of their favorite adventurous movies.


It’s not difficult to plan for a memorable and exciting birthday party for 12-year-old girls. However; we have also shared some of the most unique and fun birthday party ideas with you. Now the rest is up to you, you have to use your mind to make the appropriate arrangements for any of these birthday parties and make it memorable forever.

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