12 year old birthday party ideas at home

12 year old birthday party ideas at home

Are you searching for 12 year old birthday party ideas at home? You have come to the right place. Choosing a theme is easy but a home-based birthday party for kids can be hard to plan. First of all, you have to decide how are you going to spend the birthday, with just family or with friends too. If it is friends of your kids too then the theme should be something that all the kids enjoy too. There must be a lot of snacks and activities for the kids so they don’t get bored and kids do tend to get bored pretty quickly. So, if you one of the following 12 year old birthday party ideas at home, it will be easier for the kids to enjoy. Because in a situation where kids come to your place and cut the cake, the kids will start to get bored and they will eventually be taken home by their parents because they will get irritating. So, make sure to make all these 12 year old birthday party ideas at home fun and engaging.


The themes we proposed below will surely help you create an easy task list and follow it. All of these themes are really like among toddlers and you can change these themes according to your kid’s likes and dislikes. After deciding on a theme, make sure you make a list of the things you need to buy or make so that this theme is followed. Don’t forget to add a theme birthday costume for the birthday boy or girl on the list. Make sure to plan engaging activities for kids to participate in.


This is one of the most interesting theme party. It can easily be held inside a house and it should only be planned for hyperactive kids. The ones that love to be indulged in different kinds of activities. This party can also be called a scavenger hunt party. At this party you can search for different mysteries like murder mysteries or robbery themes. After choosing the kind of genre you want you can go further.

Then you can write up clues and you can hide them. You must create a list of guests in advance so you can calssify them in different groups. And make this more intriguing by turning it into a race. The best thing to do here is make sure that the prize for the tiumphant team is great so it keeps the kids excited and buzzed.


This theme is very fun and you can have a great time arranging for this. Just make sure you confirm the most like the food of the birthday girl or boy. It doesn’t have to be a favorite. It just has to be something you can play within different styles. Something that can be fun. After confirmation, you can make all the decorations and the cake according to that food item.

It could be a pizza, burger or any fruit too. You can order that food shaped cupcakes and that food shaped cake. Your kid can wear that food costume and there can be that food-themed food item. It is really easy to make small that food treats too.


The Princess theme is one of the best themes to follow. And it will take less than 2 days to execute fully. Make sure you get a tiara and a dress for the birthday girl. You can ask for her favorite colors she would want most on this birthday. Then add that color to the theme and make it pretty. Gold hues tend to give a royal look so make sure to use that. You just have to get your cake ordered with a tiara theme and get the backdrop also in a tiara kind of theme. Make sure that the dress you get for the birthday girl is a princess dress. Some people confuse the princess theme with fairy theme but we’re here to tell you the difference so you don’t mess up anything. In case of a boy, get a crown and a rob to pull over him. Most royal robes are of red color.


A home birthday can get boring for kids pretty quickly. There must be a lot of games planned for the kids so that they don’t get bored. There should be different kinds of snacks arranged. Kids must enjoy even the eating process too. getting photographs for keeping memories is also very important most people arrange a professional photographer but if you have a camera of your own phone, you will perfectly be able to get all the pictures on your own.

The Night Light Theme

If you have a dedicated party space in your house or you are thinking about reserving a party hall for your child’s birthday, you must consider this night light theme party. It’s quite easy and simple to prepare for it; you just have to decorate the party hall with special night lights that will give a unique effect. However; do not use any lights other than night lights otherwise it will disrupt your party theme. Once the decoration is completed, let the kids enjoy the peaceful environment of dimmed lights. You can also order sizzling pizza or any other favorite meal of your child to accommodate all the guests.

Mystery Dinner Party

The mystery dinner birthday party is one of the most unique party ideas that are full of curiosity and fun. You just have to plan for a mysterious dinner and do not let the kids know about it. They will be surprised to see the food items all of the sudden, if you will keep the menu secret, it will surely add a whole new level of curiosity and everyone will enjoy celebrating it. However; you need to think out of the box while planning for a mystery dinner, you should plan something that will make your 12-year-old happy and amazed instead of routine food items.

Wrap Up:

You can conveniently organize a great event for the birthday party of your child at home by doing little research and efforts. However; there is no need to stress your mind with irrelevant net surfing, you can try any of these above-mentioned 12-year-old birthday party ideas at home, we are pretty confident that you won’t regret later.

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