10th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

10th birthday party ideas for girl

Birthdays are always special for everyone but there is something a lot exciting about 10th birthday party ideas for girl.  It is important to gather up the interests of the birthday girl before deciding on any idea or theme for the party. Sometimes, the kids are indecisive so you shouldn’t leave such a big decision completely to them. You must chime in with your own ideas to suggest to them so they can pick up what they like the best. First of all, you have to decide how are you going to spend the birthday, with just family or with friends too. If it is friends too then the theme should be something that all the kids enjoy too. There must be a lot of snacks and activities for the kids so they don’t get bored and kids do tend to get bored pretty quickly. Do go through this blog completely if you want awesome 10th birthday party ideas for girls;


This idea is the most convenient idea to pull off. You just have to get everything in the color pink. For the birthday girl’s dress to the plates in which kids will eat food and cake, everything must be pink. You can get a pink backdrop for the party. The backdrop can be of plain silk or it can be of pink sequin. Pink sequins will really add that glittery to the whole decoration as girls love sparkly things. So it is better if you get a pink sequin backdrop and some balloons of her name’s initials and happy birthday letter too. it is better to add in silver or golden to the theme otherwise the color can become overwhelming and even ugly real quick. Silver will add a touch of sophistication while golden will give a regal feel. So that can also be decided by the choice of the birthday girl. You can order a pink cake and mini cupcakes in different shades of pink. The birthday girl’s dress should be a big poofy and pink ball gown and you can add accessories like a tiara and fairy wings to add to her outfit. You can also give her a pink glittery wand to hold so the whole outfit comes together perfectly.


If your girl is hyperactive and the number of friends you are inviting is more than 5. This water balloon party idea can be epic for you. It is super cheap and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to pull off this idea. Just have 2 inflatable pools in your backyard and a water slide. Spread water everywhere. Make sure to buy a lot of balloons in bundles and started filling them with water 2-3 days before the day or you will never be finished. Make sure you pile up these filled balloons in the pool and don’t put more than 3 layers over each other or they will start bursting due to the weight and pressure by themselves. It is also important to inform each kid’s parents about the theme beforehand so they send them wearing the clothes that won’t be risked of getting damaged after being wet. Also, there must be some rules and regulations for such a party as there is a greater chance someone’s face can get hurt by a balloon. So make sure you tell each kid to not throw on anyone’s face and if there is a kid who wears glasses, you have to make sure that they take off their glasses and set them on a shelf before starting playing.


This is the most fun kind of party as it will be enjoyed by hyperactive as well as lazy kids alike. All you have to do is go on the internet and prepare a list of dares that can be done in a mall by kids. Make sure none of these dares oppose the mal policies in any way. Also, make sure all of these dares don’t endanger kids in any way or forces them to come in contact with a stranger under weird circumstances. After making a successful list, make teams of the children, preferably not more than 3. If you do it on an individual level, it and take a lot of time and it can also become chaotic very quickly. So, make sure you don’t let that happen. When the list is made and the teams are formed, take the kids to the mall and announce the winning team’s gift. And let the games begin. Once the hunt is over and the winner is announced, take them all to the food court and let them all have a great lunch of their choice. This will surely be the best birthday party they will ever have.

Fashion Show Party

On the 10th birthday party of your little angel, you can plan a great fashion show theme based birthday party at home. First of all, you have to send special invitations to all the guests and ask everyone to choose their best dressing for the fashion show. Don’t forget to hire any professional photographer for the event to make everything memorable. Decorate a walking ramp with balloons and some appealing lights to give it a realistic look like a fashion show. Your 10-year-old girl will love to enjoy her special day with her best friends.

Swimming Party

A swimming party is an excellent source of entertainment and fun for 10-year-olds. If you have a swimming pool in your house, you can plan a great event with tons of decorations and other arrangements without any restrictions. However; there is no need to feel low if you don’t have a swimming pool, you can also hire any nearby swimming pool for the party. Don’t forget to decide the menu, you can also ask your girl about her favorite food items.

Wrap Up:

That’s all folks; we hope you will try these 10th birthday party ideas for girls on the upcoming birthday of your daughter. Don’t hesitate to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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